Female Rappers

Why aren’t there any female rappers?

Or is that there are, and that they just not too visible?

Is rap music a bastion of the males?

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57 Responses to Female Rappers

  1. jesse says:

    ok, what the hell? white people cant rap? it doesnt matter what race people are. and i dont want to hear black people rap about getting laid, and how much money they have. talk about something real. they are only portraying women as sexual beings. not as humans. and black people always say how white people owe them something, because of the slavery thing. sorry to say that, no actually they dont owe you anything. esspecially nowadays when they tell them that. sorry but i didnt own your family, sorry but i dont owe you a damn thing. and they tried do hard to get out of slavery, and for what? to rap about having sex and pimpin? talk about real things. enough about sex in the lyrics. what ever. this is rediculous.

  2. DoWn AsS cHiCK. [[ShAY]] says:

    iiGHT, i THinK THeiR NeeDS To BE SOMe MORe FemaLE rAppERS iN THA GAme. AnD i THiNK DaT MayBE i COulD Be Tha nEXT fEMalE RaPPer. bECausE i GotZZ tHA SKiLLzz AnD iM FiNEE aS HeLL, And ErrBodYY wAnnA PiECe Of DiSS aSS.

    HollA At mEhh.

  3. Dynasty says:

    Well I am a female rapper from MS and I am going to do whatever it takes to get to the top. There are not enough female rappers in the industry so I’m hoping to change that. Hollla. If there are any other female rappers who want to collab and some day take the world by storm you can e-mail me at musically_yours21@yahoo.com. No haters please.

  4. KaRla MaRie says:

    Yo Ms Sancha B da best Female Rapper shawanna do her thang too Girlz letz show dem guys dat Ladies do it better den there dough 4realz we need more ladies representing the Girl Power Lol but yea shout out to all them ladies follow ur dreams

  5. This is in response to…

    emcee_MC September 6th, 2005 | 11:16 am Thurz alota female emcees.Missy,eve,Chyna white, dem da ones dat i can think of.I aint racist but naw homie white people can’t rap.Get in where u fit in…….ask da SOURCE mag,it agrees wit meh! Hip Hops a cultural an about da life an struggles of MINORITIES not majorities….u kno wat 2+2 is.Its insultin like a muhfuka fa white ppl 2 take up our culture.Neva was an will neva be……call it racism but i spit da truff.Da glory an shyne cumz afta u do da grindin an tyme….ER’BODY WANNA BE A NIGGA,BUT DON’T WANNA BE A NIGGA~ sayin u want da shyne homie but u aint did da tyme….so get sum get rite~

    …Keep sayin you aint a racist but if you think rap is just part of black culture…get a clue, this is a new day and just as white people hated on black baseball players, you hatin on white people rappin, is racist and telling people to stay in their bubble is why our country is behind. There have been several white female and male rappers but they have been pushed to the side cuz of haters like you, shit, we should all do what we do…when it comes down to it, it only matters if ya good or not..if not no matter if you black you aint gonna last long. peace!

  6. layzieone says:

    I like the female mc’s to. but don’t forget about JV to. she sound a little better than most of the new one. “ms krazie” & “miss lady pinks” as well

  7. Alicia says:

    i like ms. bluetaful. shes cool,pretty and raps pretty good.i hope she makes it to the top