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Female Rappers

Why aren’t there any female rappers? Or is that there are, and that they just not too visible? Is rap music a bastion of the males?

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Why machines filter spam better than humans

I couldn’t help laughing when I read Mako’s adventure with spam. What if a Nigerian email you, sincerely requesting collaboration on a project, or expressing a business interest in what you do? Well, this is what happens – your spam … Continue reading

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links for 2005-03-10

Essential Fonts For Designers | 300 Free Truetype Fonts You Should Have gimme more (categories: font design)

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Discovering TeXmacs

Writing equations in Latex using Kile is easy enough, but for folks like me, it could get easier. TeXmacs is the latest wonder tool I’ve discovered to make writing equations for LaTeX so much easier. Here’s a couple of screenshots … Continue reading

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Error – No Errors

Now what sort of an error message is this?: Error: Success! (like it was not supposed to succeed at what it was trying to do) Notice the other error message, which is still sane. This used to happen occasionally, and … Continue reading

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Ubuntu Hoary, Tomboy and F-spot

I upgraded to Ubuntu Hoary, which is the next release, coming out sometime in May 2005. It is bleeding edge software under development for the most, but from my experience using it on the work desktop, I know it to … Continue reading

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Candidacy Exam Passed

I defended my candidacy proposal today, and I guess I did it in an agreeable fashion, since there were not too many questions at the end. I have passed the candidacy exam, its time to move on, and get the … Continue reading

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