My friend finished a marathon

I am never too busy to plug a friend :)

My close friend Santhosh (Eli) finished the Asha Austin Marathon, which is commendable acheivement. Not many survive a full length marathon. He did it for a cause. You can read his story at his Runner Page. The point of the marathon is to show that he is a really dedicated fund raiser and that he is will to show his sincerity to the cause. You can read more about how fundraising is related to the Marathon. ASHA is a non-profit organization working for social and developmental cause in India, primarily in education and child development.

All this would be meaningless for him if he’s not able to meet his fund raising target of just $5240. Please donate generously and help keep his spirits and chin high. I don’t know what more one could do to get the attention of people like us. Santhosh was my classmate for four years during my bachelors – a close buddy if you will, and he’s now working at AMD at Austin after doing his Masters from the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

I have never got to doing a fund raising activity myself, but I find it in me to support my friends who do.

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    Hey! Nice header. That you right! Lends character to the blog. Pity mine will turn everyone off forever.