Map of where I live

Here’s where I live and here’s my daily drive! Thanks to
On a side note, I have been thinking of biking the 5 miles daily – should be a good exercise, and could save a little gas money, like about $0.75 a day 😉

It’s easy to look up a map given the latitude and longitude as an ICBM coordinate pair.
Here’s 28.553101, -81.193150 for example, which I got by entering the text I used in link, in the search box.

It seems like it is limited to the US /North America now, though, ’cause I get nothing for 76.958333, 8.437500, which is somewhere in Kerala, India.

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One Response to Map of where I live

  1. Dilip says:

    Hey Carthik,
    Why dont he Google Geeks make the Indian Maps ?. Any Idea ? .
    I’m gonna try that ! . Wish me a good luck :-)