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Who would have guessed that would lead to now? That is a good “working URL” (like one has “working titles”). I noticed when I visited .

The Hindi word for anonymous (or literally “the one without a name”) – Anamika (A = No + nam = Name + ika = “qualifier meaning ‘the one’ (or something of that sort)”, always sounds good to me, whenever I hear it. Wouldn’t it be nice to name your kid “Anamika”, now? The hypothetical kid could then be called “Ann” or “Anna” in the U.S.

How many of you know that I had a nickname “Cash” during my undergrad days, fairly popular among my friends? “Cash” is a shorter version of “Carthik Sharma” in case you’re wondering. I hesitate to say, “You can call me Cash” in the U.S. only because it seems to make folks believe I made it up, and ’cause I hate it when people adopt a new nickname after they get here, like the many “Zhang”s who become “Shawn” and “Rajendar”s who become “Roger”s.

By the way, why are almost all the Indians who work at gas stations called “Nick”? I may know the answer, since in one particular gas-station they only had two name tags, and both said “Nick”, and whoever’s working the shift would just pin it on, regardless of what their real names were. But why “Nick” everywhere? Why not “Jack”? I am thinking that maybe all the Indian gas dealers of Central Florida got together and worked out a bargain deal for 100 pieces of identical name tags or something.

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  1. magistyk says:

    I think the best part is when you call technical support lines that are obviously based in other countries such as India. And they have these Indians answer the phones with names like “Jack” or “John” or “Bill” when their name is obviously none of the above. Hahah

  2. hpnadig says:

    but hey, they *do* keep names like ‘John’ and ‘Joseph’ in India too… we had two “joseph”s in our class and one “johny”. I ain’t sure If call centers do that, but there’s an equal possibility that the name of the guy speaking over from there really has that name.

  3. Lady Deidre says:

    The name Ubuntu was choosen much later, they announced the distro first. personally i’m glad its not called Cannonical GNU/Linux.

    >> “By the way, why are almost all the Indians who work at gas stations called “Nick”?

    I did’nt know that. rofl

  4. Carthik says:

    Thanks for the link, Lady Deidre! I barely manage to not fall off the edge of the Internet each time I visit your “home”.

  5. Lady Deidre says:

    lol, you are a funny guy, cash.

  6. Carthik says:

    Deidre, I swear the link to your homepage led me to a page that proclaimed it was the last page on the internet. It doesn’t do that now, though.

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  8. Anamika says:

    my name iz anamika and i had no idea it meant what u said it did….