Trivandrum Blogs?

There are about 40 Blogger bloggers who say they are from Trivandrum. Most are one or two post wonders, and I thought I saw a couple of friends there, well, maybe not.

(Trivandrum happens to be my hometown)

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13 Responses to Trivandrum Blogs?

  1. rob says:

    hey there. i had a question for you about the get_posts function – but could not find your email. could u shoot me an email with my listed email so i can ask you !! thanks !!

  2. Charone says:

    Where the heck is that?

  3. Carthik says:

    Trivandrum is in Kerala, South India.

  4. Deidre Nair says:

    Aye, a couple of not so bad bloggers. Abdul ( pic is very funny. rofl. nice post , carthick.

    BTW, your main page ( seems to have no css anymore and IMHO,old look was much better. this is just another template, innit? “2fargon 2care” ?

  5. Carthik says:

    Hi Deidre,

    I love that name! Yes, I am in between styles, as it were. The old one got boring, and I upgraded to 1.5 beta. Wish I had lots more time…

  6. Bessie says:

    Trivandrum is my second home small world !

  7. Balaji-paari says:

    At UCF, I have a friend by the name Abhilash. He is in physics. He is from Kerala too.

  8. Carthik says:

    Balaji, I will have to track Abhilash down, since I don’t know him yet. What’s his surname?

  9. shrikant says:

    I am new to wordpress
    how do i start learining wordpress
    pls give some


  10. Carthik says:


    Start with the codex, ask at the forums, and you’ll be on your way.

  11. Carla says:

    That is the coolest town name ever. Sounds like something out of a Clive Barker novel.

  12. Carthik says:

    Carla, that’s an interesting take on it. The native name is “Thiruvananthapuram” (Thiru + Anantha + Puram). The British started the “Trivandrum” (Tree + Van + Drum) business. It does sound strange and unlike Indian names!

  13. Balaji-paari says:

    His name is Abhilash Vincent. Working in Beatriz group. New guy…..