I have been missing in action at this front for a long time now – enough to get some to wonder if I made a Resolution at the turn of the year to not write again. Nothing of that sort. I have just been a bit busy.

That is an understatement of sorts. Ever since this semester started (in fact a little before it started), I have had to put the nose to the grindstone, so to speak. A project manager from our sponsor is visiting us (A “site visit”) next Friday, so we have been working on a few things at work. Also, this is my first semester as a Research Assistant – so no teaching-related duties, but as an R.A. I have had to put in a few extra hours.

I have been thinking I should write less about my work here, which leaves me with nothing to write about, really. The typical day begins at around 9:30 AM, when I wake up, shower and head to school. I spend the next half-hour looking for parking, often having to park dangerously close to the neighbouring county. Then I am in school till around 8 PM when I go home for dinner, which is at most a two hour affair, after which I head back to school for another session, from Ten-ish till 2 or 3. A lot of the work right now is nothing to write home about, certainly. Mostly editing and such, but a lot of it. Hopefully I should have a few hours a day to myself starting next Friday.

There are some things I desperately want to do. More details later.

In other news, on January 10th, I purge-deleted Windows XP from all my computers. So it’s Ubuntu now on my desktop, laptop, and at work. I was trying using only Ubuntu on the laptop for a month before that, and as soon as the month was up, I reformatted the harddrive to remove all traces of Windows. Everything works on this laptop, maybe I should write a more detailed post describing my adventures. Amazingly, gtkpod, the software that talks to my iPod on Linux is better than the iTunes software that Apple hands out, in many ways. so yes – even the iPod works with my Ubuntu system.

Thus ends my short break – excuse me when I return to work. If I work productively for the next 3-4 hours, I promise another update, with all I can recall about my Linux switch, in detail.

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