Zope and Python

Or should it be the other way around? Anyways, I am running into Zope and Python a lot these days. Hey, if there is a language named after the Monty Python show, then one has gotta learn about it, right? But where does exploration end, and mindless wandering begin? What can X do that Y cannot, and what is better, incomplete knowledge of both X and Y, or complete knowledge (is it even possible?) of one of the two?

For now, I have decided not to venture into unknown languages — indeed, what seems more important is to get on top of the Ph.D., and to become all-knowing when it comes to fault-detection, and repair of hardware, the more autonomous and fault-secure, the better. Indeed, once I am done with a small task at hand, to do with a conversion, I might just dive back into net-hibernation for a short while.

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