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So I went to since they offer prints of digital photos at 9 cents each. I have a huge bundle of photos that I have been wanting to print for quite some time now.

I downloaded their client software, in which one can drag and drop the photos, and in the end, was I amazed to see that the total cost for the batch would be $200+ !! Yeah, there were about 2340 pictures I wanted prints of.

I have to figure out a cheaper way to get the photos printed. Getting a printer and printing them at home doesn;t quite cut it, cost-wise. The cartridges+paper ensure that the cost per photo is a lot higher than 9 cents per print. I thought maybe I am just greedy, and want too much for too little, and then I thought I should ask my invisible friends — So, ladies and gentlemen, got any leads or ideas as to how to get cheap(er) prints?

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  1. Christine says:

    Actually, 9 cents a print is probably one of the best deals I’ve seen – I wonder how good the quality is? I’ve been shopping around since June (when we got back from our honeymoon) and I can’t say I’ve seen anything cheaper.

  2. Matt says:

    I got a Canon i960 photo printer and I’ve absolutely loved it to death, it does gorgeous prints and the ink lasts forever. I’m didn’t sit down and work out how much it would have been to order the same pictures I printed, but there’s a lot to be said for having it right there under your desk, and being less than a minute from impulse to photo print for yourself or family/friends. They can be had pretty cheaply too.

  3. admin says:

    I moved my server today. During the process of the move, Joel left a comment here, that read exactly as follows:

    I have used PE photo and the quality is good. Their latest software, however, does not allow me to upload prints with Norton Internet Security turned on. They told me to turn it off; but that is not acceptable to me.

  4. Sanjeev says:


    If you ever get the urge to send prints to folks in India, take a look at

    Your REC snaps are full of life!

    best regards,
    Sanjeev Binaykia

  5. Murang says:

    I can recommend
    prices $0.059 for 4×6
    $0.23 for 5×7
    $1.28 for 8×10 and fast service with
    low shipping cost

  6. Bryan says:

    Hi, I’ve used PEphoto before and was sucked in by the pricing but as I went through the checkout process I realized how much I was actually paying with all the add ons they charge for (borders??) and the high shipping prices. Now I use as I can easily upload the pics and pick them up at my local Wolf Camera store and though the print prices are a bit higher I save money with no shipping. I’ve also ordered 1 hour photo books which is great for when you need a last minute gift.