How to Borrow a Wireless Connection

Raise your laptop over your head, put it flat on the floor, tilt it sideways while leaning halfway out the window—get out the divining rod if you have to. You might get a reputation for being some sick laptop yoga freak, but isn’t free Internet worth it?

The things people do to access the internet!

Probably nothing new in this How to Steal Wi-Fi article at slate, but it’s funny, well written and has links to a bunch of useful pages. It also claims it is not illegal to hitchhike on your neighbour’s wireless.

A loved one has discovered the joys of borrowed access recently, and I hope this helps, if just a little.

I can see 4 wi-fi networks when I am at home, and three of them are open, and worse, I can login and manage their networks. I have often opened the bittorrent port on the ‘linksys’ network (blessed be that neighbor) at night.

Change your wireless routers password, at least, so people go looking for a router with an unchanged password. Our own network is open, but the password’s been changed.

via Meredith.

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7 Responses to How to Borrow a Wireless Connection

  1. Podz says:

    I’m reading this while watching my router connection go from a healthy signal of 54, down to 1. Then it will die.
    For the 4th time today.
    I’ve upgraded, updated, shifted things…… and protect it ? Noo… far too much hassle given the hard resetting I’m having to do.

    I do not like Belkin. At all.
    They’d better be nice to me on the phone ….

  2. Carthik says:

    Uh Oh! Good luck, Podz. Get a netgear router. Works fine for us.

  3. Mark says:

    Amazon has an 802.11b Netgear Router for sale for 7 bucks. Check it out!

  4. Mohit says:

    If no threat of data loss or privacy… I will prefer to let my connection used by others as long as they do not abuse bandwidth. Sometimes I am away from the home and office and I get a call to fix something I just look for nearby wireless connection and do my job… It provides better utilization of the time and high availability of resource, and more freedom.
    Secure your computer with firewall and let your connection open to the world, someday you will be needing others connection to complete your task remotely.

  5. Thor says:

    Mohit, I used to be that trusting, but no more. After being responsible for data security for clients while on my own, and then for a major corporation, I just can’t bring myself to keep my connection open. Besides, I there is a malicious little cracker-wanna-be bugger living in my area that I often find trying to get into my network. I would like to keep it open, because I figure that might come a time when I’ll wish I could just hop on someone else’s like you do. But it jost won’t happen.

    My own wireless hub is a Linksys WRK54G, at it’s adequate. I have it tightened down as best I can, but it’s not really particulary secure. I should have checked before I bought it, but there is no way to change it’s software with a better one, like there is with other Linksys models. Oh well.

  6. Thor says:

    Holy cow, my headache must be worse than I thought, my spelling was really bad there. Sorry!