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Zope and Python

Or should it be the other way around? Anyways, I am running into Zope and Python a lot these days. Hey, if there is a language named after the Monty Python show, then one has gotta learn about it, right? … Continue reading

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Digital Prints

So I went to since they offer prints of digital photos at 9 cents each. I have a huge bundle of photos that I have been wanting to print for quite some time now. I downloaded their client software, … Continue reading

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VOA In Hindi

Voice of America – now in हिन्दी (Hindi). I used to tune in to VOA on our Sony radio as a kid – when I was bored.

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Sunset at Home

A cousin wrote to me after a long time and sent me this photograph of a sunset that he had recently captured. So things haven’t changed much at home, in two and a half years, or so it seems. I … Continue reading

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Non-fiction Books To Read

Sasi asked me what non-fiction books I would read, given the chance, in the near future. So I put this list together, listing a few personal favourites. Some I have read, but wouldn’t mind reading, whereas some I haven’t. A … Continue reading

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How to Borrow a Wireless Connection

Raise your laptop over your head, put it flat on the floor, tilt it sideways while leaning halfway out the window—get out the divining rod if you have to. You might get a reputation for being some sick laptop yoga … Continue reading

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Smart searchin’ is going to be something to watch (via Mark ) Feedster Advanced Search has me dancing! Just what I wanted, since about a month ago (via WLTC). I have to set up a few advanced searches and subscribe to … Continue reading

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At least I have more choices when it comes to renting cars now. I don’t have to beg Enterprise to rent me a car, and I don’t have to lie to them about driving to Key West and then drive … Continue reading

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Just when I need it

The UCF Groupwise server seems to be down. I need to login and retrieve a file, but can’t. I have also had several other problems accessing mail using Thunderbird, my email client. Old emails mysteriously get downloaded again, and get … Continue reading

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