Silent Night

Another long night comes to an end. I am not farther, in my view, from where I started a few days ago. Anarchy rules the candidacy document, and I am yet to find a way to make three different themes, or elements to flow together. How can I explain the fact that I will be trying to do three different things, and call it all one? They are all related, but yet, not close enough for comfort.

I am green in Mathematics, a little too green, which means there is a steep learning curve. Understanding the literature is hard enough – now I have to write my own, and it is a pain to try and put down some initial results.

A lot of work needs to be done tomorrow, so I can turn in a decent draft the day after, and when I think of what needs to be done, I get worried. I hope I can pull this off.

I can hear my hard drive, and a buzz from the LCD monitor, which is strange. I thought these things were supposed to be silent.

Good night! I know it’s morning already, but night is when the sun sets on my working day.

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2 Responses to Silent Night

  1. Jesus says:

    Hey Carthik, a bit off topic but couldnt find a contact form. What happened to wordlog? Is it sleeping or dead?

  2. Carthik says:

    Hi Jesus,
    Thanks for the comment. I have way too many unread items in my feedreader, and yes, I have to get to them. I will when I have a couple of hours to spare, and then wordlog will be fully active again. Though it might seem like a little time a day would be all that is neccesary to keep it running, it is not so. What appears in wordlog at the end of a day is often the result of hours of reading mails and feeds, browsing, chatting, and sometimes luck, or serendipity.
    Seeing as I am preoccupied with something that is central to my life, and what follows, wordlog will have to wait a little. I am still passionate about the same things I was passionate about, and it’s just a short break, a vacation from wordlog, if you will, while I tend to some other, academic stuff.

    Thank you for your patience :)