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CSS, PHP help

Comprehensive list of CSS help Look around the site for more. (Via scriptygoddess)

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Recursive Dude

On and On, without ever stopping. (Via Ravi)

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What Kerry Means to Douglas Adams

Douglas Adams’ The Meaning of Liff makes it very clear that we don’t agree on Kerry. KERRY (n.) The small twist of skin which separated each sausage on a string.

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New species of giant ape?

A friend on a mailing list points me to a BBC article speculating on the discovery of a new species of giant ape. Much of the article makes for interesting reading. Do things like … Primatologist Shelly Williams is thought … Continue reading

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I had a long meeting with my adviser yesterday. Long as in almost 4 hours. Most of the problems I have are those that I created. I prefer working for long stretches of time, rather than work at things for … Continue reading

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Silent Night

Another long night comes to an end. I am not farther, in my view, from where I started a few days ago. Anarchy rules the candidacy document, and I am yet to find a way to make three different themes, … Continue reading

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Holy Cow!

Modern isms – made me laugh Some of companies referred to as Indian Outsourcing giants and such.

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