Non-profit Pharma Company brings tidings of One World Health, a non-profit pharmaceutical company in the United States, with the goal of getting drugs that are not “profitable” for pharmaceutical companies.

When I was with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) I learned about “orphan” diseases, defined as diseases that fewer than 200,000 people in the US suffer from. I thought it strange that outside the US, some of these diseases are enormous. For instance, there are about 1000 cases of malaria in the US, and 500 or 600 million cases worldwide. You need to take your American eyeglasses off and consider the whole world.

— Says Victoria Hale in an Interview.

So what the company does is “rescue” such drugs that can have enormous use in the Third World and develop, test, and trial these to the point of being able to make it available to fight diseases and help millions.

I cannot begin to imagine the sacrifice she would have made to start this project. She describes her visit to India, and says she was pushed to tears at the sight of suffering in the villages. Often I think about the inquities that are so evident in the world, and in India, and I have to pause for a moment to be thankful for being able to acheive whatever little I have, and to have some this far. I hope I will be able to do something useful with my life too.

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2 Responses to Non-profit Pharma Company

  1. Sanjay Vydianath says:

    The world is full of such good people. Perhaps that is why we trundle on from one century to another instead of self destructing.

  2. says:

    While we support free markets, it just does not seem right that people should die because some drug company needs to be profitable. Humanity needs a better system than this.