So much to do – undone

This is certainly one of those weeks when I have so much on my hands that nothing gets done.
I don’t want to try making a to-do list of things. That is very tempting, as that would take some time, and so I can waste that amount of time, but I have things to get done over-night. This very post here is a delay tactic of sorts. Yesterday I counted at least 28 different tasks to complete, each taking upwards of an hour.

There is school related stuff, which is top priority, since I have to take and clear the Candidacy exam this semester. That alone involves a lot of tiring typing.

Then there are the things I would love to spend more time with, related to the Internet in general, and WordPress in particular.

That leaves us with things like updating my address at a million places, visiting the car dealer, mailing out stuff, opening old bills and filing them etc.

I am getting buried under, and the strangest part is, I am not catching up. I am in a interminable loop of doing senseless, worthless things. I have to chart a time-table and allocate time for different things judiciously. I should remember to repair my bicycle and start cycling a little, if not a lot.

Life scares me at times.

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4 Responses to So much to do – undone

  1. craig hartel says:

    Rein in…relax, and take a few deep breaths. There is a least one project to scratch from that list, my friend!

    Talk to you soon.

  2. Carthik says:

    Oh No, Craig. That one stays there, and will be done as soon as I get some breathing space. I’ve got it planned out. Execution was stalled by a glitch the last time I attempted it, but the next time it will be done. I rather enjoy doing it :)

  3. Podz says:

    Bike Ride. That’s what you need.
    You need to give yourself permission to fix up the bike, then go for a ride. Not for the exercise as such, but because it will give you thinking space.

    You know how when you need t remember something you can’t, then at some random moment the thing just pops into your head ? While you are surrounded by paper, people, a ticking clock, it’s going to be all too cluttered to get orientated.

    Go for a ride, blow all the cobwebs away and you’ll have a plan :)

    Take care.

  4. Dori says:

    Hi Carthik. Perhaps it’s coincidence, but the bike-theme seems to appear during the busiest of times. Alan and I are juggling a lot of errands and projects too right now, but we recently took some time this past weekend to replace our stolen bikes. Alan has been good about going out for rides, and I’ve been less good (and I probably feel more overwhelmed than Alan since I’m not “blowing away the cobwebs” as Podz says!). Good luck on tackling the unwritten list – and try to get some sleep too.