A return to fascism

Much as I try to keep out of the political dialogue in this nation, I find a few trends alarming, and red lights go off in my brain.
They are here and they are out to get you is an example.

Some of the suggestions the author makes:
-> Anyone who registers as Muslim should be required to take a loyalty oath. The U.S. or Islam.
-> Anyone who chooses Islam is to be considered a threat to this country and put in confinement.

Well, what’s going on? I have heard such voices before, and it is disquieting to realize that such ideas, as well as other fascist ideas are gaining ground and popularity here. To be honest, I would be releived if someone told me that the article was a joke, or an attempt at weird humor.

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10 Responses to A return to fascism

  1. max says:

    I don’t think the article is a joke. The person who wrote the article seems to be a bit of a joke though. I guess you might as well try to take some comfort from the fact that the article itself was written by an extremist. Anyone who spends three years in college in a conservative organization is nuts, and this lady does a good job of backing that up. I want to chalk up some of what she say to ignorance, but stupidity seems the more likely cause.

  2. Carthik says:

    Yes Max, but stupidity has limits, and all the Germans (or most of them) weren’t stupid before and suring world war II. It is just mass hysteria, or the govt. succeeding in terrorizing citizens to perceive fear, where there is no reason to be unduly concerned, I think.

  3. chris says:

    I’m following these developments, with concern from Europe, and can only wish and hope that the mass hysteria soon abates.

  4. Tom says:

    That’s exactly what they did in Spain actually, around the beginning of the 14th century AD. The Moors as they were called, were forced to take loyalty oaths and convert to christianity, or be killed. But then even the Moors who converted were never fully trusted, and there was a lot of tension until the end of the 15th century when the hatred escalated to the point that there was just a mass genocide in Portugal and Spain, and the Moors were driven out of the country.

    It led somewhat indirectly to an age of Imperialism, with Spain and Portugal dividing up the rest of the world between themselves, enslaving the indigenous people of the Americas, Africa, and even bits of Asia. I don’t know about you, but this sounds to me like exactly the kind of thing that the current administration would really like to have happen, and exactly the kind of thing that would be just awful in actuality.

    Is this the situation they were always telling me about in grade school, where people who don’t learn their history are doomed to repeat it?

  5. Carthik says:

    I am not American and so I am on the fence, sort of, I get to see and hear all this from an outsider’s perspective, and what I hear from people back home is not too encouraging. Fewer of my cousins rooted for America in the Olympics recently – and I talking about grown up people here.

  6. Carthik says:

    Oh, I am pretty sure this happens all the time, repetitively, in different nations, with different cultures being at the receiving end. I hope this is not repeated here, now or anytime in the future. America is powerful, and should really be mature enough to act responsibly, and not like a school bully. America could ensure world peace, if only they get the priorities right, with regards to foreign policy — but I am passing judgemental statements, and I should stop.

  7. Alan says:

    Well, they have managed to scare the people of America with the right-wing mass media campaign. This person is a perpetrator (and maybe a victim herself) of such propaganda. Add this to “conservative” (fundamentalist) education, and you get right-wing drones like this person.

    I strongly recommend for people to see the documentary “Outfoxed” to see how the media skews reality, and people like this are formed.

    These times are really hard. I really, really hope that the US changes leadership, and really steers to another direction. Maybe then, citizens like this person will realize that she’s wrong.

  8. OF Jay says:

    Carthik, you know where my politics lie, and unlike some of your commenters who think that there is no lliberal media, I at least concede that there is bias for both sides in the media. It isn’t just FOX (which was judged most centrist by an academic study (will find link and send later if you want )), there’s NRA news, The American Spectator, etc. that are right-wing outlets. The differemce is that they at least ADMIT to being on the right wing, instead of flat-out claiming to be the guardians of truth.

    As for screams of creeping fascism, the column at Bush country is extremely self-parodic. The author’s recommendations do not reflect curent government policy. You’re looking at wingnuts and you think — thanks to your friendly commenters here too — that it represents us on the Republican side of the fence. Well, here’s a godo comparison of what some people think to be creeping fascism, and what real creaping fascism is: an article by prof. bainbridge contrasting the BUsh response to 9/11 and that of Putin’s to Beslan. http://www.professorbainbridge.com/2004/09/there_are_none_.html

  9. Leena says:

    The article is disturbing and I hate to say I think her beliefs are gaining ground as you said. As a Muslim, I read (and experience) these views quite often.

    Her fantasy of registration and detainment is already half true. There are many horror stories of families losing members who turned up for voluntary registration with the governement and were subsequently arrested, detained without charges and refused trial or legal counsel. I could be wrong but I think some are still being held in this limbo.

    Hatred of the ACLU (Equating it with the al-Aqsa Martyrs was lovely. An organization trying to uphold the rights of her “own people” might as well be blowing up innocents in coffehouses!) and love for the second amendment sounds pretty republican to me. She’s only a little to the right of the average “conservative” in America today, in my opinion.

    Like Max said, she’s a joke. And a completely ignorant joke, at that.

  10. Sanjay Vydianath says:

    Similar comments are made by ‘The Daily Telegraph’ in the UK from time to time. These are best ignored and put down to ignorsnce. Unfortunately there are a significant number of readers for this right of center stuff who do not feel the need to ananlyse the root causes for these issues and are simply happy to modify their opinions, assimiilate these radical opinions of others and pass them of as their own. Unfortunately there are significant numbers of Muslims (in University) who also hold strong or even radical biased views. The failure is in not being able to think in terms of human suffering and ridiculously short lifespans of us humans.