Paranoia, Science and a Victim.

Dr. Thomas Butler was a medical researcher working on finding a cure for Plague, who is famous for pioneering oral rehydration therapy for diarrhoea in the ’70s. One day in January 2003, his life changed drastically as a result of his honesty, and it will never be the same again, ever. He is now “Dr.Plague” and the latest victim of a witchhunt and the political game called “The War on Terror.”

Nobel Prize winners, microbiologists and scientist and even the National Academy of Sciences have thrown their weight behind this man, who has dedicated his entire life to the service of the United States, it’s citizens, and in a sense, the whole world.

Read the entire article at the Independent News : A poisonous kind of justice

This sent a chill up my spine. I am shocked and distressed. I am amazed at just how important a part politics plays in the life of individuals who have had nothing to do with it, and how persecution can happen, even in the Land of the Free. The government is not setting a good example here, and as noted by some in the article, it sure looks like a lot of scientists will prefer not to report what’s missing from their labs, than to lose their credibility, license, job, money, and freedom.

Does the government, or whoever is behind this even think of what the implications of their actions are? Who would want to alienate scientists and do things that, in my mind are connected with oppresive regimes and dictatorships, like sacrificing innocent people to “set an example”!!


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2 Responses to Paranoia, Science and a Victim.

  1. luke says:

    Its a sad day :(

  2. Arnaud R. says:

    Sad indeed, but hardly surprising considering the regime in place.