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Ticket to the Moon

Ø India’s Moon Mission in another 2-3 years – The cost $83 million!! I will be proud if they do it for even 4 times as much. Also on Slashdot

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Free Ubuntu Linux CD

Go to the Ubuntu CD Distribution Database and request some. I am waiting for mine.

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Draft Work

I cannot make up my mind whether I am having fun, or getting screwed, nor can I decide for once if I am lazy, or it’s the writer’s block. In any case, there are a lot of thoughts floating in … Continue reading

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Non-profit Pharma Company brings tidings of One World Health, a non-profit pharmaceutical company in the United States, with the goal of getting drugs that are not “profitable” for pharmaceutical companies. When I was with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) I learned … Continue reading

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Collateral Damage

Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | After Abu Ghraib talks about the abuse of prisoners. If the story is true, the the US Army seems no different from other armies when it comes to being unjust, brutal, and uncivilized. Sad. … Continue reading

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So much to do – undone

This is certainly one of those weeks when I have so much on my hands that nothing gets done. I don’t want to try making a to-do list of things. That is very tempting, as that would take some time, … Continue reading

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A return to fascism

Much as I try to keep out of the political dialogue in this nation, I find a few trends alarming, and red lights go off in my brain. They are here and they are out to get you is an … Continue reading

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Command Blog

This is the most wicked blog I’ve ever seen. I got there from pinksocks.

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Accent Samples

I have to explore this site more, at a leisurely pace. Whenever I read about people who had accents, in the books, I have wondered what that might sound like. This site is a repository of peoples’ accented speech, so … Continue reading

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Joseph Brodsky was a high-school dropout. Now who would’ve guessed, especially since he was America’s Poet-Laureate, and a Nobel Prize winner? I am anxiously waiting for a book of his poetry sent me by someone I helped.

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