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Evolution is faster than I thought

Darwinian Fisheries, an article at WorldChanging, tells us how cod in the North-East Arctic have grown smaller in size adapting in favor of survival. The influence is that of a law which stipulates that only the larger fish can be … Continue reading

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The IPod Wire Problem

I give up! Somebody please tell me how I am supposed to live with the extra long wire that goes from the IPod to my ears when I am using the remote and the earphones? It is at least 15 … Continue reading

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Building a Balancing Scooter

Build a Segway at home – WoW! Thanks

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Wireless Internet, India – Wheels of hope bring Internet to villagers – : Wireless Internet access for the villages. I wish India had money, lots of money. (Thanks )

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Back after a break – Aerial Photographs

It’s good to be back online after a break. I am almost back to speed on work and other fronts (of which, I might mention, there aren’t too many) In what is perhaps the longest time I have spent at … Continue reading

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On the road

Since we moved out of the old house on the 31st, and since we can only move into the new apartment on the 5th (today), and also because I had no place to go to, immediately after the meeting with … Continue reading

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