Proposal Accepted!

The research proposal our research group had submitted to NASA has been accepted! So I will now be working on a NASA research project, and hopefully, the results of my work will go to the far reaches of the Universe, though it may only be an unnoticed circuit, or chip.

Our project proposal got accepted against steep odds – only about 1-2% of the proposals submitted nationwide got accepted, and the acceptance process itself had two phases. So now there is the oppurtunity for us to do some nationally recognized work, as my kind adviser put it in his mail.

Now I can take this link off my list of bookmarks, after almost a year!

I would so love to party, but we are moving to a different apartment this weekend, and I have a research report due.

I cannot express how happy I am, this is something I have waited for too long, and I was past the stages of excitement and anxiety, I was numb, out of waiting.

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13 Responses to Proposal Accepted!

  1. Joen says:

    Sir, you have my sincerest respect.

  2. Hanni says:


  3. Chetan says:

    Congratulations! Carthik.

  4. Arvind says:

    Wow that is amazing, Congratulations and good luck !!

  5. Ria says:

    Congratulations Carthik! That is great news. I wish you the best. I still say that I want to be like you when I grow up.

  6. Mark says:

    Well done!!

  7. Ali_ix says:

    Success With u man ! 😀

  8. Podz says:

    That is amazing, cool, wonderful, interesting, going to be more hard work and above all, something to be incredibly proud of.

    Well done !

  9. Grod says:

    Congratulations! Have fun.

  10. Selva says:

    Carthik, Kudos! We have an page in the wiki where we hope to capture the career choices that people have made and their reasons – may be useful and fun to read for many folks who are in college. The page:


  11. Walther Del Orbe says:

    Congratulation Carthik.

  12. Indranil says:

    Congratulations! Carthik!
    May God be with you.

  13. Dori says:

    I’m very late, but I wanted to add my congratulations to you just the same. It’s really great to see good things coming to people who have been so generous with their time and talents for the benefit of others. Wishing you many more successes!