Time Flies

Time Flies are like Fruit Flies
Only often mistaken
For being nothing but a cliché.
You can’t see a Time Fly,
but you sure can see Time Flies.

In the same spirit,
Inspiration Dies
Everything red.

I live, but I am not a Liver.

Let me stop,
but not before saying, that
“Verb” is not a verb –
It’s a noun.

(Poetry is Code)

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2 Responses to Time Flies

  1. Lita says:

    Nice work, I’m assuming its your own. Glad to find another lover of the worlds greatest band: Pink Floyd. You and I sound alike in small ways. I like the site, very professional, unlike mine. But I’m not going for that look yet. Someday. I hope to be as fluent in computer things (all different things) as you are. Stated simply, you rock.

  2. Carthik says:

    Yes it is. Thank you for the kind comment. I love Pink Floyd, they got me through the worst years of my life, and kept wonder, and awe alive in me, in a way…
    Thanks again, for the comment. Maybe you are an XD38 too. You may probably like Douglas Adams, Procul Harum, Simon and Garfunkel, Calvin and Hobbes, and Coffee too. :)