WordPress Custom Theme (css) creator

Bloggia Weblog Hosting – Create your own Custom Theme — the problem is that all the previews are same, for one, two and three column templates. Nice try, WP is going mainstream!

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2 Responses to WordPress Custom Theme (css) creator

  1. Root says:

    Those templates are a css positioning catastrophe in progress for the usual reasons. Menu over runs are guaranteed.

  2. The Bloggard says:

    Here’s why they’re all the same …

    This was a project in construction. I completed the first one (Right-Navbar) and then just created dummies for Left-NavBar and Three-Column. In other words, the second and third ones are incomplete.

    I didn’t think this was an issue, because I’d never published this before, and it had no direct link from outside. But the address got leaked, and so now it appears I’ve got lots of visitors using the online generator.

    Hopefully before long the second and third templates will get completed. Patience, please.

    The generator is at http://bloggia.com in the “styles” section.