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We (me and my adorable roommates) are moving to a new apartment. It will be a couple of days at the least before everything is stable, and at least a week before I have high speed access at home I … Continue reading

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Proposal Accepted!

The research proposal our research group had submitted to NASA has been accepted! So I will now be working on a NASA research project, and hopefully, the results of my work will go to the far reaches of the Universe, … Continue reading

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Life as on this day

I have been meaning to write about what I am upto, in general, for quite some time now. I remember that the reason I started blogging was to keep in touch with friends, and keep track of my Ph.D. I … Continue reading

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htAccess Generator Demo

[!] htAccess Generater(sic) Demo – creates .htaccess pages for you. Might be useful for some.

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Time Flies

Time Flies are like Fruit Flies Only often mistaken For being nothing but a cliché. You can’t see a Time Fly, but you sure can see Time Flies. In the same spirit, Inspiration Dies Everything red. I live, but I … Continue reading

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For all your Geo tracking needs

de profundis – Geo tracking points me to MultiMap. Pretty neat clickable map, that gives your latitude and longitude values in both ICBM(decimal, or Coordinate) and Degrees, Minutes, Seconds format. WordPress uses the ICBM format.

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Yahoo playing the bad boy.

Photomatt tells us yahoo is blocking ping-o-matic. Please drop a note asking yahoo! to be good to p-o-matic.

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WordPress Custom Theme (css) creator

Bloggia Weblog Hosting – Create your own Custom Theme — the problem is that all the previews are same, for one, two and three column templates. Nice try, WP is going mainstream!

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WordPress Easter Egg

No one’s talking about it, so let me do the honors 😀 If you use wordpress 1.2, go to (where is the URI of your wordpress wp-admin folder), for all the buttons and levers you’ll ever need. Remember, … Continue reading

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get_posts upgraded

The function get_posts is very useful, and in my opinion under-utilized. It also was incomplete, so I went ahead and completed it. You can view and use my spanking new functions.php file if you want a complete get_posts. get_posts is … Continue reading

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