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Gotham Comics India

Spiderman In India – wearing a dhoti (sarong?), no less. I’m dying to see this movie!

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I saw this movie, Terminal yesterday. Wonderful movie. I noticed that in a close up shot, Catherine Zeta-Jones’ face is shown in bad light, and the imperfections in her skin show up, but besides that, this is a movie that … Continue reading

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Gmail for online backups

Gmail as an online backup system explains how, using a php script, you can backup essential files in your Gmail account, and recover them whenever you need to. Pretty much what I wanted to do with my Gmail space. I … Continue reading

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Bob Bemer is to blame.

I had fun helping Jennifer fix a sinister problem with the entries she imported from Movable Type, yesterday. The backslashes were missing. I cannot describe what a backslash(a.k.a Reverse Solidus, or Reverse Virgule or Reverse Slant) looks like, cause I … Continue reading

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Fixing WordPress “Press It” for FireFox 0.9

While trying to use the Press It! bookmarklet with FireFox 0.9, I got the following error : Deprecated method document.getSelection() called. Please use window.getSelection() instead. So I fixed the bookmarklet to be : …createRange().text:window.getSelection();}void(‘http://… where it said …createRange().text:document.getSelection();}void(‘http://… (changed document.getSelection() … Continue reading

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My feed – now powered by FeedBurner — I like the browser friendly feed display, as also the statistics. Thanks

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Photo Matt is down :(

Matt, lead developer of WordPress takes his site down upon reaching #1 in a google search for “Matt”in fulfillment of his word. WordPress stays up though.

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Wanna bike?

Paul Dorn’s Bike Commuting Tips: Why/How Bike Commute – Interesting read. I chuckle when I think of how involved using a bike to get from A to B has become in an advanced nation, and how one requires a tutorial … Continue reading

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What does your phone number spell? — too bad mine says something about a ‘sic-mama’

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Mozilla Mail to Gmail

Send all your thunderbird/outlook mail to your Gmail account — Thanks!

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