What wordpress brings my way

My ambition was to set a science fiction book in as far into the future as I could imagine, while not assuming anything presently known to be impossible.

John C. Wright. (from Jef’s web files). What can I say about a man, who has two children called Orville and Wilbur Wright? Or who, when asked “What writers influenced your novels?”, replies “Whom am I copying, you mean?”. Interesting, perhaps?

I started finding out a little after I ran into a post at Ryan Boren’s blog about the Golden Transcendence, and my first thought was, “What a pompous title!”. I did, however stop by at the Amazon page for that book, read a few reviews, searched a bit and promptly decided I will not be a peace till I read the books and make up my mind as to how good the books are.

Ah! but we are digressing! I helped Ideal Rhombus move to wordpress by writing a hacked version of an import script for Matt, the blog’s owner. He was kind enough to do the most inexplicable thing – show appreciation of my work. He has bought me not one, not two, but all three of the books by John C. Wright that I wanted to read. Thank you, Matt.

I was able to help Alan move, too, and he has promised me some Mexican tamarind candy in the mail. Alan is a graduate student in Chemistry at Berkeley, and has an awesome collection of Soda bottles and other bottled drinks from all over the world. I look forward to getting him a “Goli” Soda when I next go to India. Oh the joy of learning the art of drinking from those bottles without getting the latest contagious disease!

All this may sound exciting, but what really made my day was reading a hundred things about Nuclear Moose. Craig is the funniest, most lovable member of the WordPress crew, and I was really surprised to find that he took the time and the effort to type a list that long, in reply to a comment I left on his blog.

All this makes me feel like a thousand people hugged me (and I don’t mean “crushed”).

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2 Responses to What wordpress brings my way

  1. Roadmaster says:

    Hey, you might want to help Alan check his wordpress installation, because his links are wrong, archives are inaccessible and comments can’t be posted on his weblog; kinda the reason why I posted this here. Oh, and hold him to his promise to send you tamarindos, he’s kinda prone to forgetting that sort of things!

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