How to import your bookmarks/favorites from your browser into WordPress’ Link Manager

I thought it would be neat to be able to import Bookmarks/Favorites/Whatever-the-browser-calls-it into a WordPress weblog, and so I wrote this script that does just that, with some help from another website. I started on this since a user (Grod) on #wordpress wanted an xbel importer.

XBEL(XML Bookmark Exchange Language), is one of the formats in which one can save bookmarks. Galeon uses the XBEL format to save bookmarks. The reason why I expect the script to be useful, though, is because LinkaGoGo offers a free service that converts bookmarks/favorites from most of the browsers’ format to an XBEL file. So, in short, using LinkaGoGo and the script I link to here, you can import your bookmarks into the WordPress link manager.
Thanks to Roberto Giungato, for making his script available. That saved me a lot of time.

1. Convert your browser’s bookmarks/favorites to the xbel format using the LinkaGoGo Converter.
2. Upload the .xbel file that results to the wp-admin directory in your WordPress installation.
3. Download xbel.phps, rename it to xbel.php, read it, follow the instructions to edit one line in it to specify the name and location of the xbel file on your server, and then upload it to your wp-admin directory.
4. Access the import-xbel.php file you uploaded, using your browser (eg:

The importer does not import duplicates, and creates new link categories corresposing to the “folder”s in the xbel file.

As always, if you use this, let me know how it turns out :)

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8 Responses to How to import your bookmarks/favorites from your browser into WordPress’ Link Manager

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  2. Yuppi Du says:

    Looks promising. However with many links it becomes a disaster. :-(
    Have a look at the rightnavigation at:
    I imported a xml file directly from Firefox (I use a FF Extension called Bookmarks Sychroniser, bookmarks are being stored on a public server in one xml file so I have both at home and at my work the same bookmarks avaliable). Now, not only did all most of my categories and subcategories get lost, the list is also simply too long.
    I would rather:
    1, publish it on a full (new) page instead of in th emenubar
    2. Preserve all the original (sub) categories
    3, Even nicer would it be if I could also publish the Description per link behind the links (feature in Firefox)

    Does anyone else experience similar problems (challenges ;-))?

    I also tried Roberto Giungato’s script, which works perfect though, see
    I hope to find out some time how to change ordering, using anchors or so and to find out if I can also publish the Descriptions behind the links (feature in Firefox)

  3. Yuppi Du says:

    Hi guys, Just to let you know that I solved the issue and created all like I wanted which was actually quite ease thanks to the origina script by Roberto Giungato.

    Note that the page is automatically up to date since with the Firefox Extension the xml file with my bookmarks is updated everyime I startup and shutdown FF.


  4. Grod says:

    Kick ass, fargon, you are the best! I’ll let you know how it turns out. Thanks, man!

  5. Grod says:

    Works great. Made this nifty links page. Thanks again.

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  8. Fahd Murtaza says:

    Cool it really works. Simply great