Trip Ahead

I will get a much-desired break this weekend when me and my roommate go on an Orlando-Atlanta-Chicago road trip. Should be fun.
I am glad to know that the previous post was helpful to a lot of people. I had been debating as to whether or not to start a seperate blog about WordPress with some useful tips and details that I may want to share.

I even thought up name for the weblog — “Pressing Matters”, but Matt nipped that in the bud, so to speak, by providing space for The WordPress FAQ Blog on his server. The faq blog is something of an experiment in using WordPress to run a FAQ. So far, there is not much that I wanted to do that I haven’t been able to do with it, except that I would have liked to use descriptive post-slugs, but for a community blog (it will be maintained/nourished by a few others too…), WordPress’ current inability to check for duplicate post slugs, and fix them could be a potential problem, so I decided not to use Permalinks there. No sweat, since I expect most users to either search, or just browse through the FAQ. I know, the FAQ blog needs a few hundred-odd more posts in it, but we’ll get there. A common lament is that WordPress already has things spread out all over the place and yet another resource only makes it more of a mess. In this case, there’s the faq at the wiki, and then one at WordPress Docs, but my theory is that, in the long run, one will become the standard reference source, and will supplant the others. Remember the dot-com boom days, when there were so many contending “portals”, and now we only have a few. WordPress is still very young, and as it grows, it will define itself in more concrete terms, in terms of documentation. It is not a one-man, or a team show — it is a community show, lead by a very active team, and so it will take time to settle down.

In other news, the Counter of WordPress weblogs has grown significantly in size, thanks to Matt’s inputs, so much that it went from being a list to a counter 😉 , and I am glad to see that there a little less than 6000 WordPress blogs right now. I have a to-do list for the counter/list and that road promises to be fun, too.

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4 Responses to Trip Ahead

  1. Vitaliy says:

    The road trip sounds fun.. :)

  2. Jerome says:

    Hope you had fun with your road trip.

    Looking forward to your work and contribution.
    In the meantime, thank you for all your help either directly or indirectly.
    I think i can speak for most when i say that a lot has been learnt going thru your site and reading your answers in the WP support forums

  3. Justin says:

    Dude, I dig the new colors and layout! Welcome back!

  4. Vitaliy says:

    Sweet new look :)