A visit, and one more degree.

After a long time, I feel unlike an isolated island again. My cousin, her husband, cute little daughter, and her in-laws have come here for a theme park tour. They are not staying with me at my place, but my cousin came over to my house today, with her cute sweet adorable little daughter and brightened the house with laughter, the very distinctive sound of a baby crying after waking up from a short nap, and the smell of glorious food cooking on the stove.

It’s a rainy day today, and it’s like God decided to clean his TV screen with bucketloads of water. If the TV screen part sounds cryptic, the background is that on one extraordinarily bright day me and my friend were on the patio behind the student union in school, gobbling a Subway sandwich when he said it seemed like God must’ve been unable to see his creation on his TV, and must’ve turned up the brightness on his T.V. set, and that that should explain the amazing brilliance of the sun on that day.

So where was I? Yes, well, my cousin, who is more sister and less cousin, cooked some awesome South Indian food, and I had the pleasure of lying in the couch, occasionally playing with my niece who is so cute, with eyes so wide and expressive that I could spend hours looking at them.
In other news, I made an A and a B, the B in the Design and Analysis of Algorithms. I got that despite my best efforts towards not getting it. So that’s the end of another semester. How many more? I wonder. I still have to finish polishing a paper for my advisor, which was part of the independent study, so I am still waiting on that grade.

Most importantly, this day I was awarded the Master of Science degree in Computer Engineering. I thought the graduation ceremony was tomorrow (May 1st), but it turned out to be today instead. So yes, I was granted the M.S. in absentia. I look forward to receiving the diploma( for those back home, in this land where the taps, and the switched, and even the roads are upside down, and “degree” certificate is not that anymore, it’s a diploma, and I don’t go to college, I go to “school”.)

The list grows longer. B.Tech., M.S., and I feel more incompetent and challenged than ever before :)

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2 Responses to A visit, and one more degree.

  1. Lily says:

    Yay! to the MS…
    i don’t think i’ll be lucky enough to get mine.

  2. Mike says:

    I guess one thing that I want keep in mind is that upon receipt of my degree I felt less intelligent, when we should feel more intelligent. I think working so long toward a single goal you imagine upon your accomplishment that somehow this sheet of paper given to you will some make you smarter when it doesn’t its a little anticlimactic, anyway carry on in the pursuit of more academic sheets of paper