Ping-o-Magic – 10000

Ping-o-matic is this awesome service Dougal and Matt setup for bloggers like me and you who don’t really want to spend more time hunting down various blog update notification services, and their ping URIs, than writing articles. It’s ridiculously easy to use and the benefits are many. I started using it not so long ago, since it’s a recent arrival on the internet.
I was muchly surprised to find that the 10,000th ping was mine! I was on the #wordpress IRC channel, and Matt suggested I get screen caps, which I think is a good idea. May I go down in history as the guy who sent the 10,000th ping through ping-o-matic. Alright, I’m kidding. I know I still have a shot at many really ridiculous acheivements and records, and if nothing works out before I die, I will try my best to get a Darwin Award (I can kid more than once in a paragraph, you know).
Obligatory screencaps
ping 9999
ping 10000

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