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A visit, and one more degree.

After a long time, I feel unlike an isolated island again. My cousin, her husband, cute little daughter, and her in-laws have come here for a theme park tour. They are not staying with me at my place, but my … Continue reading

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Ping-o-Magic – 10000

Ping-o-matic is this awesome service Dougal and Matt setup for bloggers like me and you who don’t really want to spend more time hunting down various blog update notification services, and their ping URIs, than writing articles. It’s ridiculously easy … Continue reading

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The test…

…in design and analysis of algorithms was both interesting, and fair. So I did well.

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Indians in the Time 100

I came home to find a new edition of Time lying on the modest piece of wooden furniture we like to call a teapoy at home. In it are featured 4 Indians. The richest, the most powerful, the most beautiful, … Continue reading

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Project completed!!

The long project is finally at an end!! Cool. Now all I have to worry about is another project, a paper, the end sems, and the exam for the undergrads

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FOF powered subscriptions page hack

This article should explain how to use the Feed on Feeds server-side RSS aggregator to create a page on a WordPress powered blog. Update : Instructions in Spanish, thanks to Frank Pereiro, from Tenerif�, Spain. He also adds that it … Continue reading

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Unuseless inventions

Thanks to bobben for the link that made my day. Chindogu – and Patents. Just how much is a patent worth, in itself? When I hear someone say that a person has a patent to his name, the first thought … Continue reading

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I let off some steam at a bookstore. I saw an intriguing sign on a highway that said “Book Sale – No book over $3!”, and decided to go for it, a second time. The first time, I had taken … Continue reading

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