Blog Update

Now this blog runs on the already-hacked WordPress provided by Mark.
WuhWuh is the name of the package, which is basically WordPress with a lot of the hacks built in. Much more convenient, since I dont have to waste time adding the hacks myself. I had a few minor issues, and in solving them, I learnt a little php programming. I suggest you give it a try if you need new blogging software. Much better than movabletype and better than WordPress.
I have noticed that I suck at writing new programs, but when it comes to finding the source of problems, and modifying or correcting existing code, I am quite good. Give me a program and I can tweak it. Ask me to write one from scratch and I will probably suck at it.
I am also involved in writing two programs right now, one for the paper that is in progress, and another for a project in a class course. One in C (or C++), I haven’t decided yet, and the other in Java.

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One Response to Blog Update

  1. Selva says:

    A lot of good things are done by Rip, Mix and Burn – Lessig’s coinage for a Free Culture – Free as in Freedom. I finally got around to reading your blog. Good fun. I would like to invite you to do more Rip, Mix and Burn at TheScian Science Wiki.