I have a soft corner for Volvos. I rather think I will buy one (an S40 or a C70 ), if an when I have to buy a new car. This desire was born over a relatively long period of time, with no particular influencing reasons. I just looked at cars on the street, once sat in a Volvo S80 and saw a drive in movie, and decided that I love it.
Now, yesterday I attended a meeting of the Graduate Students Association at UCF, since I am running for Secretary this year, and there was a workshop on Career Choices for Graduate Students. We were asked to take a small test, the Holland test is it’s name, and the purpose was to identify our “type” with regard to occupational inclinations. I turned out to be an A I R type (Artistic, Investigate, Realistic) , and the presenter was trying to get the audience involved by asking them questions like, “so what car would such and such type drive?” , in her presentation slides. Turns out that Artistic, or Investigative types drive Volvos!!
Yet another time, I read “volvo-driving” as part of a long list of attributes ascribed to a typical Democrat…
I wonder what other stereotypes are associated with a Volvo.
And I also wonder how, I, basically a foreigner, with a certain inclination of the mind, chose a Volvo, and that was exactly what was expected of my “type”. I dont watch TV, and neither do I come across any Volvo ads. Then, how could this have happened?
Makes me think about how there are always so many more people that are like me than I imagine, and how they all like the same material things.

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2 Responses to Volvos.

  1. Navin says:

    Maybe you always liked odd things..and VOLVOS are really
    Very(V) Odd(0) Looking(L) Vehicular(V) Objects(0)


  2. priya says:

    I am an idealistic Leader, seeks to transform the society……. naeh…
    its the outcome of the myers-briggs test I took in my leadership class. That was news to me… I was wondering if Idealisic leaders drive BMW 5 series!!