Links for the day.

I have decided that everyday I will post the most interesting pages that I came across. Just once a day if possible, less frequently if not.

  1. NASA’s Nose – an astronaut’s predilection
  2. Accelerating History, a look at why some dates in history don’t make sense.
  3. Mordechai Vanunu – A study in how the West betrayed its “principles” Or how the rewards of honesty and courage are relative.
  4. All hail the monkeyThe monkey retires, the monkey who taught me how to be a web code monkey.
  5. Hit the trailNew seekers on the Appalachian Trail. I will, someday, take a loooooong walk…
  6. Playlist for the Mars Mission because nothing soothes like music. I love reading these articles that provide insight into the lives of scientists, who potter away at seemingly thankless jobs, for the benefit of the world at large.

My reading is mostly directed by some of the blogs I read, so I am sorry if there is some repetition and you have read these before. Lets say its my way of summarizing and indexing, for my own benefit.

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