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Qualifying Exam

I have to write my Ph.D. qualifying exam on the 2nd of April. Mot much time left, so not surprisingly, this occupies most of my time and mind. I have to study a few subjects, and a quick look at … Continue reading

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Blog Update

Now this blog runs on the already-hacked WordPress provided by Mark. WuhWuh is the name of the package, which is basically WordPress with a lot of the hacks built in. Much more convenient, since I dont have to waste time … Continue reading

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I laughed so hard I cried.

Links for today, including a hilarious chemistry exam. Oh Man!! Chemistry Exam – Aiyyo! Way too much, I say. Meet the Singhsons – Simpson’s transplanted. The most difficult game I have ever played online! – Seperate the coloured balls. NYC’s … Continue reading

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Links for the day.

I have decided that everyday I will post the most interesting pages that I came across. Just once a day if possible, less frequently if not. NASA’s Nose – an astronaut’s predilection Accelerating History, a look at why some dates … Continue reading

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I have a soft corner for Volvos. I rather think I will buy one (an S40 or a C70 ), if an when I have to buy a new car. This desire was born over a relatively long period of … Continue reading

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