Personality Type

Not so surprising results..
Your personality type is ENFP.
Extraverted (E) 61% Introverted (I) 39%
Intuitive (N) 82% Sensing (S) 18%
Feeling (F) 55% Thinking (T) 45%
Perceiving (P) 91% Judging (J) 9%
Some ENFP characteristics
Surprisingly, the career options that are suggested for ENFPs includes “scientist”, “programmer” and “teacher”, so everything seems to be right so far.

I was amazed by what I read on the XD38 page. A lot of the people I know through the internet seem to be this type. A lot of my friends too. I was so amazed at how the description on the XD38 page fit me like a glove, that I went and took the personality test whose results I have posted above, just to verify the assertion that XD38s most closely resemble ENFPs, in the traditional scientific type classification scheme.

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3 Responses to Personality Type

  1. Cheeni says:

    The career choices described really leave a lot to imagination. You can be a scientist and be in all kinds of environments. A footloose research lab, highly regulated academia, oppressive government research labs, heirarchical bureaucracy, whatever…

  2. priya says:

    Hey ENFP.
    I’m an INFP..
    Does this really count, I don’t identify with many fo these characterestics.

  3. Anonymous says: