I.Q. Records

A pop-up window led to a website, and then some googling. Somewhere along the way, I took an IQ test, and got the results as follows :

Interestingly, the GRE scores (Quantitative + Verbal) predicted, turned out to be 1544, and when I made that 1540 (since GRE scores are in multiples of 10) I got the same IQ still. Whats interesting is that thats exactly how much I scored on the GRE!! Wacko, I mean, I take a 40 question IQ test and the scores predicted match my actual GRE scores. Why not do away with the painful GRE test, which is a 3+ hour affair and use an IQ test instead? I know that the GRE deals with specific math and verbal skills, but I was just wondering.

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One Response to I.Q. Records

  1. Meredith says:

    That’s a really interesting set of results. I’d like to take that test; do you remember where it was?