Me, a host!

Before I know it, I am a webhost.
hpnadig was looking for a host after his previous host’s server crashed, and I know him through livejournal, so one day while chatting, I gave him 50 megs of space on my host’s server. Then came my old friend, the one who had to read a book in bed to fall asleep, the one who was my roommate for a year during my B.Tech., and I was chatting with him yesternight, after a long long time, and he wanted a website up and running, and I hosted him too.
I had a domain name, which I bought for a friend, who later did not need it, and I saved thinking it will be a good name for a photolog, if ever I get to creating one. I gave that to him, and bytography should be up and running in a short while.
My friend wants to put all the stuff he wrote up in the process of writing a new OS up there.
So yes, I am a smalltime webhost now :)
Sometimes I think I take the Internet too seriously. Its almost like I am passionate about Internet Technology, and when I get passionate about something, I also get scared. I know you must be thinking, “Get a life,” and the answer to that is, I am getting one, can’t you see? Another life, and I would have been a web developer, not this one, probably.
Its not like I get paid for any of this, and all this takes up so much time, its almost a hobby. Well, heck, it is a hobby!

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