Reading in Bed.

I had a roommate during the third (Junior for all you murkans) year of my undergrad days who used to love falling asleep with a book in his hands. I must admit that I could never be like him, he positively averred that he had to read a book to fall asleep. I dont have to read a book to find sleep, and unlike him, I don’t yet have the faculty to fall asleep while actually reading. Reading is an active process, and if I were to try to fall asleep reading a book, I would certainly end up in bed, with the book finished, and with dawm breaking.
Nowadays, though I try to read a few pages before I fall asleep. The book I am reading now is Sulekha Select, a random selection of prose from Sulekha, that very Indian website, pandering to the needs of Indians in America (so what if they say they serve all Indians, everywhere?). The book itself is amazingly heterogenous – Some articles are so cliched and unimaginative as to provoke nausea, and a feeling of “I could write better than that any day.” Of course, the biggest problem in writing is finding something to write about, but give me the same topic, or idea, and I would have written it better, is what I think. Other pieces, like the one by Nagesh Kukunoor are thought provoking, and touching, even inspiring. The way he describes his transition from a Chemical Engineer to an amateur director is wonderful. I was midway through this article, when the phone conversation with a loved one took the upper hand, and the book had to be set aside. Needless to say, I can’t wait for bed time, so I can read the rest of it.
Beerbal writes a good story, and those are the kind of people who should be writing on Sulekha.
So yes, I want to be a bedtime reader too. Snug in bed with a book in hand.

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