Cricket, Teaching and Research

So here I am, at the end of a terrible bunch of days.
I had two presentations on Monday, One mid term on Tuesday, A Quiz in the class I teach on Wednesday, and a paper report due to my advisor today.
I made the presentations, but could not present since it got postponed.
There were three questions on the mid term, and I am certain that I did not get even one of them right.
The quiz I made for my students turned out to be more like a test, and I felt bad at not being tuned in to their frequency. Ended up giving them more time. I was so tired by Wednesday night, that I got cramps in my leg when I was teaching. So I went home, and attempted to stay up to write up a research report for the advisor. I ended up falling asleep. I dreamt, and in my dreams, I saw a plane crashing on campus, and me in my advisor’s room, and his room had no books in it, no papers, it was very clean, and bare. This dream woke me up in time and I got to school, feeling ashamed, overwhelmed and worried about the lack of anything to turn in to my advisor. We had the meeting and he was too kind. He said he had been through this very same phase when he was a student, but still, I feel terrible at not being able to do all that is expected.
Lots of doubts and questions about a lot of things in general that I shall not put down here, now.

From now on, whenever I see a movie, at home, or at the movies, I will put it down here, just so I know how many movies I watch. I think watching movies is my only “other” activity, besides all those associated with school.

Also, if anyone knows any blogs dedicated to research/academia/jobs in either of these/ adjuncts/ phd students/computer engineering phds/conferences etc(you get the idea)…please leave me a note.

I almost forgot about the cricket part of the post. so here goes …
Sixes and Hit Wickets – a new blog about cricket. Should be interesting.

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