Getting your resume read.

I read an interesting article by Joel Spolsky, from a link on Mindful Musings, about how to get your résumé read. I could not help smiling as I read it. A job hunt is way far in the future for me, but looking for summer internships couldn’t hurt.
Spolsky says that making the message more personal would certainly help, since it makes you look more human, but I guess what you write could work against you, if the person who reads what you wrote could take a dislike for you, as a person.

This really made me laugh hard…
From Getting Your Résumé Read

OK, this one really bugs me. Learn where spaces go in relation to other punctuation. Attention, the entire population of India: whenever you have a comma, there is always exactly one space and it’s always after the comma and never before it. Thank you.

I see my friends applying for jobs, and I should say Indians believe the message matters more than the envelope, but I think presentation could make all the difference between getting a job, and not even getting an interview call.
I thought you might want to read the article.

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