India’s Lofty Ambitions in Space Meet Earthly Realities

“We will not depend on others,” declared Raj Shecker, 21, an engineering student. “It’s just an Indian feeling.”

Forty years after the launching of a small American-made rocket marked its humble beginnings, India’s national space program bills itself as thrifty space exploration for the common man.

With a budget of only $450 million a year — one-thirtieth of NASA’s $15.5 billion annual budget — India has 13 satellites in orbit, produces some of the world’s best remote imaging satellites and is planning to send a satellite to the moon by 2007 or 2008.

But unlike space programs in other developing countries, including Brazil, low costs have not meant catastrophic launching failures. Only 6 of India’s 37 satellite launchings have failed.

Read more, from the NY times article by David Rohde.

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