“I’m sitting in the corner feeling glad.
Got no money coming in but I can’t be sad.
That was the best cup of coffee I ever had.
And I won’t worry about a thing,
Because we’ve got it made.
Here on the inside, outside is so far away.”


Thats what my friend from my recw days was reminded of when he read the previous post of mine. And its apt, and fits the mood I am in right now to the C :)

In other news, a certain girl I know 😉 passed her Ph.D. qualifying examinations today, both written and oral, and if my chest were to expand anymore out of pride, I would have to go home and wear a new t-shirt.

So yes, happiness is amplified.

I had a fruitful discussion with my adviser, and now all I have to do is give a semblance of order to my jotted-down thoughts, and start organizing what work I have with regard to the paper in progress. He was helpful with teaching techniques and the kind, related to my teaching, of course, and I can try some new ideas out.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    gorgeous….will be back to see more ..suman