Weird Wide Web

Out of boredom and then some, I was checking my Technorati link cosmos, when I saw some new blog, morag ivers says links to my blog.
The claim that I was the first to link to that blog made it all the more mystifying, when I did track down the entry that linked to my blog.
The mystery was resolved when I learnt that it the Waypath thingy at the very bottom of the entry of mine that links to the said morag ivers blog is the one responsible for all the trouble.

Moral of the story : I wasted 20 minutes finding out why/where/how the moragiverssays blog links to me, another 10 writing all this you see here, and still, I am bored. I wish I had more things to hunt for.

I am tired of reading, thinking endlessly about a problem that increasingly resembles a bowl of noodles, in which each noodle is a variable/phenomenon I need to take into account, and all I seem to have is a mind which resembles a fork with only one tooth.

I was thinking about the same problem with my one tooth mind-fork while I was in the Design and Analysis of Algorithms class, when something that the instructor wrote on the whiteboard caught my attention. He had written that the expection of X is 5/3, and that the maximum value of X is 3 with a probability of 1/2 or something. So I asked him, “5/3 is 3 and 2/3 rds, now how can that be the average of a bunch of numbers, the maximum of which is 3?” Half the class stared at me, the rest at the instructor, when he said, “5/3 is 1 and 2/3.”

I want to drop that course. How can I walk in to the class again, and accept being “the-5/3-equals-3-and-2/3” guy?

I should sleep now.

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