Just another day

I thought I would describe today as an example of just another day in my life, these days.

Met a friend who is now back from India.
Came to the department at 11:30 AM. Slept late and woke up late.
Sat around reading up on some combinatorial group testing to find some direction for the paper I am authoring.
Signed the contract for this semester.
Read some more, and wasted a little time on the Internet.

I wish there was something interesting I could write about, but contact with new human beings is a statistical improbability when you sit in the same room everyday with the same people who share your feeling of deja vu, and have nothing strange to say or do.

The internet is pretty dull too, coming to think of it.

I will soon start reading again. A book a week should be good, if I can do it.

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