The beginning of a new semester has brought along some changes.
I am now the instructor of a course. The department refers to me as an adjunct faculty member now. The pay is the same. What has changed is my room. I now share an office with other adjunct faculty (a term which refers to Ph.D. students, who also teach). I can only work for 20 hours due to my Visa status, else I could have been a full time employee with the same designation, officially.
I taught my first class on the 7th of January. It was fun. I hope everything goes fine, as the semester wears on. Teaching is much more informal, and the students are more involved and they contribute a lot more, when compared to back home. It is a basic microprocessor/microcontroller course and so its interesting to teach. I received a warm compliment at the end of the class, and that inspires me to do better.

The first few minutes were shaky. “….just a kid…” is what I heard in the background as I walked in. That was only expected. I tried not to be too humorous (like I have to try…), but I forgot to introduce myself. I am experimenting with the class website, trying to use a modified blog of some sort. I think it will make things easier on me.

I got some cds today for 2 dollars apiece.
*Filter Title of record
*Jerry Cantrell Boggy Depot
*Limp Bizkit Three Dollar Bill, Y’all
*Nativity in Black – II
*Korn Follow the Leader
*Rob Zombie Hellbilly Deluxe


I am now using WordPress for my blog at Its much better than MovableType. I still use MovableType to power the static pages on my homepage, ’cause it will be a pain to change all that yet again, and it makes the editing easier. Mark was my window to WordPress. Setup took exactly 3 minutes, and since its all in php I feel more comfortable with the whole thing.

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3 Responses to Changes

  1. Mani Annan says:

    What time zone are you at ?? curious !

  2. Mani Annan says:

    I got it. Singapore time ! :)

  3. Carthik says:

    Mani anno, thats the server that hosts my webpages, thats at hongkong…

    hee hee :)