Work Ahead

I will be back to doing what I like a lot – teaching, this semester, after a one and a half year break. Actually I have been a TA and graded homeworks and handled labs and all that, but teaching a class is way better, in my opinion. So I will be teaching Computer System Design – 1, a course that revolves around the Motorola 6811 microcontroller. I cant wait to get started on Wednesday. I had applied for this a month ago, to be turned down since some one else had been found to teach it, but then, at the last moment, the instructor was unavailable and so I got this oppurtunity. This also means that I don’t take a pay cut which would have followed the cut in hours from 20 to 15 hours per week for “fellowship” Ph.D. students.

I know I haven’t updated the blog in days, but its only because I was immersed in life, the simple, interesting, renewing kind. Now the break is over and I am back in front of the computer in my lab. Good to be back, and some of the thoughts and events will eventually find their way here, I guess.

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