All things “up”

So where have I been lately? – Largely offline. A week’s break from the computer world, after yet another semester, chillin’ in the winter break.

I saw the Return of the King, first day, and it brings closure and completion.

In the last semester, I made three “A”s, the influence of a loved one is suspected. This is not surprising, since this was the least taxing semester, also one that I took easy. I will never forget the first ever semester in the US. All that effort and the two As and a B that ensued.

I went to a bookstore, Books-A-Million, and, after a long time, felt the urge to buy books, but I resisted, an act made easy by a light wallet. Talking about light wallets, its never been lighter — not that it matters too much. I love life, for once, and its cold in Orlando.

I sleep, and in my waking hours
I dream of sleep.
I am tired of sleep, and so
I sleep some more, tired.

(yes, I watched “Snatch”, in which Brad Pitt is a Pikey.)

I also watched “Frida” and I must say its the most colorful movie, with each scene and shot good enough to be a still photograph of the highest artistic content. Breathtaking cinematography. What Colors!

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