A hundred things, finally.

Finally the list of hundred things is complete. It was an interesting exercise, took a long time, and I realize that, on retrospection, a lot of things I used to think were unique about me when I was a kid are not anymore, to the adult me.

Sleep, Sexuality, Childhood and unfulfilled wishes were the most recurrent themes in my minds when I was making up this list. I also stopped myself from writing a lot of things I am proud of, only because I will hate myself later for seeming to be boastful. So these are the shells I grew out of, some still around and kicking. They dont describe me completely and yet, an old friend could derive pleasure from some entries in this list. My resolution to avoid naming individuals in my blog/website/whatever also meant I stopped short of writing down a few memorable things, but thats okay.

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3 Responses to A hundred things, finally.

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  2. derrick says:

    hey whats up man? im sorry i havent talked to u..this semesester has been hectic. lol i dunno if u remember…im that mallu that u left a comment on LJ if u have AIM mine is dmk0072001.. ttyl

  3. Meredith says:

    Wow, that is an AWESOME list. So many lists include “gee this list is getting boring” but yours was real all the way through. I love learning things about people by reading their lists – thank you for sharing!