Help Define Me!

I started working on writing a 100 things about myself.
I got stuck at 30.
So help me, if you know me, by telling me about me.

How gross and unimaginative can I get, eh? :)

Hundred Things :
1. My nicknames include – cash, nandu, kathi, annan, and computer.
2. I was born on Guy Fawkes’ Day.
3. I can do weird things with my eye brows.
4. I have weighed the same for the last 5 years.
5. I used to be a quizzer till I got my bachelors degree.
6. I got two jobs, in two different software companies, but could not join either.
7. I have two Chinese roommates.
8. I love traveling.
9. If I had not been an engineer, I would have been working for the WWF or Greenpeace.
10. I have been a lecturer at the same college I got my Bachelor’s Degree from.
11. I can speak 5 languages – Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam.
12. I cannot write my mother tongue, Tamil, fluently.
13. I don’t have any piercings, not even the obligatory ear piercing.
14. I was Principal of my school for a day.
15. I was presented the title Brainiac, at the Govt. Arts College, in 1996.
16. I have 48 stitches all over my body.
17. I have never been slapped.
18. I have had a physical fight, and punched someone only once.
19. The first movie I saw, bunking class, was Two Moon Junction, in 1994.
20. I used to drive an Avanti Autogear, a Luna, a Bajaj Sunny, and a friends Kinetic Honda.
21. I was first photographed when I was 3.5 years old.
22. I bought my first car, a Nissan 200 SX SE, and lost it in an accident within 10 days of buying it.
23. I play the violin.
24. I know how to entirely delete a yahoo account.
25. I like doing things I am not supposed to be doing.
26. A search for my name returns my homepage on google, yeah, the first name alone, too.
27. My father spelt my name Carthik deliberately.
28. I hate using plastic bags.
29. I have helped develop two commercial websites, and one educational institutions website.
30. I cant swim for nuts.

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