I just realized for most of my student life I have only been a Knowledge Repository – A convenient vessel to hold knowledge (also stored in many other minds), for later retrieval by the way at large. I am trying to do something original and innovative (remember, I am a Ph.D. student?), and I find that the stored knowledge, and the way my brain has been programmed gets in the way of revolutionary thought. This is the only problem, and thats why I am not doing too good (by my own standards) right now. 😉

I drink too much coffee. I realized this when I saw myself going for coffee, coming back to the engineering building and on the way, meeting a friend who was going for a coffee, and proceeded to accompany him for yet another cup. I was not at all alarmed at the increasing caffeine levels in the sea.

Say, talking about alternative career options, one that appeals to me a lot is to get involved with GreenPeace or WWF. But no, I stick to computers for the rest of this life.

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